Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Clarence Heyward is a portrait/figurative artist. He relocated to North Carolina to study Art Education at North Carolina Central University. Self-described as a painter of people; his work investigates cultural truths, challenges stereotypes and questions identity. Clarence believes it’s important to “paint your truth, paint what you know” and often uses persons of color as subjects in his work as a homage to his culture. Beginning his journey as a full-time artist in 2019, he is best known for his dynamic and fresh take on figurative art. Heyward’s work has been featured in venues including the Big Easy N.C. and galleries including City Gallery Raleigh, the Cary Gallery of Artist and the Triangle Cultural Art Gallery.



My work is about people. It is a visual narrative of stories told and untold of faces and figures who are often dismissed in the realm of fine art. The works feel familiar, yet distinctively different than “traditional works of art”. I create from my perspective, one of the people.  My paintings include universal themes, provide visual commentary to both past and current events, and captures cultural truths. I use charcoal and acrylic paint to visually narrate stories of people, preserving them for future generations.